United Evangelical Lutheran Dr. Martin Luther Church

Shiner Lutheran Church

What helps us meet our mission?​

We are a part of a larger church body - the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - that seeks to do God's work in our world. We are a collaborative learning site, giving experiential training to a future pastor. We are also a Godly Play congregation, using this approach to encourage children to WONDER about God and become connected in a relationship with God.

Our Mission

What's our mission?​

Our mission statement is "To Grow in Grace and Service to our Lord through Worship, Learning, Service, Witness and Support." We trust God's abundant grace and respond by worshiping and seeking to grow in faith by learning. Our faith actions are to serve others in our church family, community and world, while witnessing to the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. We support each other in prayer and service as the people of God.